Lyngfeldt is an authorised GreenTec dealer and therefore has the entire GreenTec product range. The product range includes both tool frame HXF, tools, flap and hedge trimmers, rotor mowers and flail mowers.GreenTec A/S is a Danish company that develops and sells machines for maintenance of green areas and stump management in most of Europe.



Available both as mechanical and hydraulic.

The FM 16 & 18 Park flail mower is specially designed for front mounting on smaller compact tractors and tool carriers.

Double spiral rotor with special bearings delivers a perfect job where the quality is on a par with cylinder mowers. This gives it many applications for example:

  • Parker
  • Residential areas
  • Sports grounds
  • Green areas
  • Communal areas
  • Common areas



GreenTec’s range of tool frames is a flexible solution. You have several different tools at your disposal for maintaining hedges and fences, cutting grass under fencing and removing weeds with the weed brush. A GreenTec tool frame is quick to install and remove, while ensuring a high level of traffic safety that many other manufacturers can’t compete with.

Mini loader, compact tractor, front loader, telescopic loader, backhoe or backhoe loader – the vast majority of loaders are highly suitable for mounting an HXF Tool Frame.

All that is required is a separate oil outlet that supplies the required oil volume, which varies between 25 – 50 l/min depending on the type of gear.

We can offer 3 different models of the HXF series of tool frames, which differ in size:

  1. Tool frame HXF 2302 – for mounting on mini loaders and compact tractors
  2. Tool frame HXF 2802 – for mounting on front loaders and larger mini loaders
  3. Tool frame HXF 3302 – for mounting on larger front loaders, telescopic loaders, rubber-tired loaders and backhoes




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