The tenant is also responsible for operating losses, loss of profit or similar direct losses incurred in connection with the rented property. The landlord is only liable for the damage caused by the rented object if it can be proved that the damage was caused by a fault of the landlord or his employees. However, the lessor is never liable for operating losses, loss of time, loss of profit or other indirect losses. However, the landlord’s liability for damage to property may not exceed DKK 1,000,000. The tenant is obliged to take out liability insurance, covering the responsibility for the damages to third persons or property caused during the use of the rented property. To the extent that the landlord may be held liable in connection with the use which the tenant may make of the rented property, the tenant shall be obliged to indemnify the landlord against any liability which the latter may incur to the extent that the liability exceeds the agreed limits.

Equipment for which a driver’s licence is required may be used only by persons holding a valid licence. The tenant is responsible for notifying the Danish Working Environment Authority and other authorities, as well as any cable and wire owners. Rental to third parties may not take place without Lyngfeldt Udlejning ApS’ consent.



It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the equipment is insured throughout the period. Insurance must be taken out with Lyngfeldt Udlejning ApS, unless equivalent insurance can be documented. The premium amounts to 6.6% of the gross rent and is specified separately on the invoice.



The deductible is divided into groups. Groups are attached.

Value of the rented property Deductible
0-100.000,00 10.000,00
100.000,00-200.000,00 15.000,00
200.000,00-600.000,00 30.000,00
All amounts are in DKK.



Please note that in the event of fire, theft, vandalism or similar, the lease will not end until the receipt issued by the police has been handed over to Lyngfeldt Udlejning ApS.



Invoicing takes place at the end of each month and at the end of the lease. The invoice specifies payment terms, VAT, insurance, consumption and cleaning.



The prices in the price list are exclusive of VAT. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made net in cash. Payment later entitles Lyngfeldt Udlejning ApS to demand default interest from the beginning of the due date until payment takes place with 2% per month. If the payment deadline is exceeded, Lyngfeldt Udlejning ApS has the right to collect the rented equipment without further notice. The lessor shall at all times have the right to inspect the rented equipment and, in the event of default, to take possession of it, if necessary by means of a bailiff.

Errors and price changes excepted.