Lyngfeldt offers, in cooperation with New Holland, one of the best auto-steer concepts on the market.

New Holland’s approach to PLM® can be summed up in four words: overview, connected, advanced, supported.

A full range of complete control systems, which can be tailored to your individual needs, is available. With a comprehensive range of correction signals, New Holland’s modular solutions can be used on any machine. With intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, you can confidently use the control system and Precision Land Management software allows you to download and analyse field data for precise crop input adjustment and cost reduction.

With Telematics solutions, you can conveniently synchronise the work of the machines between the different fields from your office on the farm.

As a Clean Energy Leader, New Holland is committed to improving the environmental profile of agriculture, and PLM® is an important part of this strategy. By reducing the number of tracks in the field, significant fuel savings can be achieved and your farm’s CO2 emissions improved. But that’s not all. The environmental impact of cultivation is significantly reduced when application rates are optimised, e.g. by fertilisation. After all, that’s what you can expect from us as Clean Energy Leaders. If you’re ready to start saving time and money, working more comfortably and getting more out of every season with precision farming, New Holland’s precision farming is waiting for you.


New Holland knows that modern agricultural businesses value flexibility as it is your gateway to higher productivity and profitability. Therefore PLM is fully compatible with all brands of machines and tools. Gives you the flexibility to choose the right machines for your farm. Always.


Since you know what’s happening in your field, you can make the right decisions from your office. This can help you optimise large machine fleets: you can plan the next job based on where the machines are. By keeping an eye on the machine, you can maximise uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimise fuel consumption.


New Holland is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to enable you to get the most out of your PLM software. PLM Certified Dealers can help you choose the right one for your farm. PLM customer support is always available to allow you to maximise the efficiency of your current machine/tool. If you want to fine tune your skills, the option of PLM end user training will be possible.


Intuitiveness defines PLM technology. An intuitive in-cab display means operators can browse parameters and communicate with the farm. The convenience of using the web portal is that it enables accurate management of all data and facilitates rapid decision-making based on real-time information.